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Welcome to the Blue Rose Bookstore

Where Women Heal their Gift of Why and Ignite THEIR Possibilities!

Find YOUR WHY so you can ReWrite Your Stories!  We’ll help you identify the Mental BLOCKS keeping you STUCK and RELEASE it.


The holidays are fast approaching. Family gatherings and STORIES that have caused you to live in REGRET feeling POWERLESS. 


Are you tired of being more stuffed than the turkey? Weight gain acts as protection and when faced with family Stories eating is a way to escape.

Find the WHY you Eat and Heal your Weight Challenge. 


When you know YOUR WHY there is nothing your can’t accomplish! Find YOUR GIFT OF WHY!


Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be YOU. 


Here’s how I can help:

“Blue Rose Bookstore – the Gift of Why”

This is a triumphant tale of one womens journey to find personal growth, spiritual awakening and change that will inspire anyone who has ever wished to find answers.

I can help you HEAL ONE BLOCK behind your weight story and you’ll be ready to wear your favorite little black dress for the holidays

This self guided 5 step online journey will teach learn how to ReWrite your Story. How to reconnect with the true you. Be the person you are meant to be. Heal your past reframe Your stories to support YOU.


What a blessing it has been to talk to you! – I have…gotten more sleep, exercised, received 2 new clients, and received compliments from random people. I have also decided to start keeping a journal again. My procrastination iceberg is beginning to thaw!  WAHOO! You have awakened the cool, competent chic I know, who is on her way to livin’ her best life EVER again! FEAR is a four letter word that I intend to tame. I can only move up from here.  🙂

Stephanie H.

Business Owner

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Studing the human experience and understanding people is a key to leading effectively. 

#MeToo has encouraged women to stand their truth and reclaim their power!

The book ‘Blue Rose Bookstore’ is a womens’ journey to take leadership of her past & ReAwaken who she is MEANT to become.

Karen Barno’ consult was a great start to finding my purpose in life. She has a direct to the point manner that I truly appreciated. I appreciate Karen’s no fluff perspective. I would recommend her coaching to anyone on their journey to self discovery and is one of the great coaches among us. – Thank you Karen

Kristi S.

Senior Housing

Karen Barno excels at getting to your core issues (personally and professionally), forces you to look at them and then shoves you forward. She guides from her intuition and utilizes the elbow grease knowledge she has attained from running her own ultra successful businesses! She is smart, witty and a pushy broad! I love her!

Katherine M.

Business Owner

What Clients Are Saying About Their Personal & Professional Transformations

Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and helping me focus on my true calling.

“Thank you, Karen, for all that you have done and continue to do to help me find my blue rose. It’s only been a few months and I can already see and feel the transformation. Sometimes we just need that little nudge. Thank you for your coaching and that push I so desperately needed. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and helping me focus on my true calling. I will love blue roses forever! You are a consultant that I will highly recommend to others for years to come!”

Marie N.

Karen helped me map out my goals and move forward…

“I met with Karen after my bitter divorce. I was stuck in a ‘rut’ personally and professionally. I desperately needed guidance. Karen helped me map out my goals and move forward to accomplish what I knew I was capable of. I have a new man in my life and a new career that I love.”

Rebecca R.

Blue Rose Bookstore

Journey along with Annie as she tries to place meaning of her childhood of abuse. She is extremely successful in the business world yet a wreck in her personal life. Outwardly all seems well yet when alone she relieves her past and while trying to silence the past with alcohol. Annie meets a mentor that teaches Annie how to take leadership within to ReAwaken the person she was meant to be. 



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